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Finland is a stunningly beautiful natural wonderland. Finland is a terrific alternative for those wishing to relocate for a new job or simply desire a beautiful setting for their family. Expats flock to Helsinki, the capital, since it offers a diverse range of professional and recreational opportunities. The city offers a diverse range of job opportunities, large open areas, and easy access to most of Finland’s natural beauty.

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For non-EU citizens working in Finland, securing a residence permit is essential. The type of permit varies based on the job nature:


  1. Business Visa: Enables stays up to 90 days for seminars and conferences, excluding direct work engagement.

  2. Self-Employment Permit: Geared towards individuals within companies, requiring Trade Register enlistment.

  3. Employed Person Permit: The most common type, available as Continuous (A), Temporary (B), and Permanent (P) options. First-time residents opt for the Temporary Permit, extendable up to three years.”

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