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Non-Canadian citizens can avail themselves of the opportunity to enter Canada on a temporary basis through the Business Visitor category. This arrangement enables them to engage in collaborations with Canadian enterprises, discover potential business prospects, foster connections with local peers, partake in trade exhibitions, and expand their professional network. It’s vital to emphasize that this authorization does not encompass the authority to undertake employment within the borders of Canada. Embracing this framework allows non-citizens to actively contribute to Canada’s business landscape while adhering to the regulations in place.

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Business Immigration to Canada

For non-Canadians aiming to establish a new business in Canada, the Canada Startup program provides a relevant permit.

This initiative also grants permanent residency to eligible immigrants who initiate businesses within the country, also known as the “Startup Class.”

Applicants can arrive in Canada with a work permit sponsored by a local investor and later apply for permanent residence once their business is established.

The program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their startups in Canada, offering collaboration with private sector investors for funding and operational guidance. Investors can include venture capital funds, business incubators, and angel investors.

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